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Gives any design punch

CNC Punching

Kare Sheet Metal Products applies the latest punching technology for superior speed and
accuracy in processing small, medium and large sheets.

The punching process produces shapes by selectively removing material from sheet metal. These sheets are clamped into the machine on a table that is programmed to move to a specific X/Y location within the matrix of the machine.

To enhance speed and accuracy, interior holes and outside boundaries of a piece are punched during a single set-up. We carry a wide range of standard hole designs such as rounds, ob-rounds and rectangles in a variety of sizes.

The parts created during this process could then be sent for post processes such as bending, assembly and welding.


Kare Sheet Metal Products also offers our customers a rolling solution. Our rolling machines have the capacity to bend plates up to 10mm thick and 3 meters wide. Our rolling machines are accurate, user friendly and efficient and offer the ultimate solution in terms of design and innovation.

The rolling machine is able to roll a plate into its desired form without removing the plate from the machine or reintroducing it onto the machine before completion. This cutting edge technology enables the machine to roll a complete shell in a single pass.

This unique technology is user friendly and offer programmable solutions, which provides our customers with a high quality product at competitive prices.

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